With the wide array of applications and environments that the Industrial sector spans, May & Scofield have applied their design skills, engineering knowledge, flexible approach and manufacturing capabilities to meet the diverse demands of such a varied and challenging market

From global industrial OEM’s to research and development laboratories, we provide custom electronic controls and PCB’s for a wide variety of applications

If there isn’t a readily available product on the market or if you are looking for an enhancement to your current offering, we can take a concept or specification and turn it into an engineered solution, backed by our high quality manufacturing expertise to produce world class volume products.

With our experience in the design and manufacture of electronic controls that operate in clean or harsh environments, we have invested in resources such as environmental chambers to allow temperature cycling of components, PCB’s and systems to model potential failure mechanisms and design reliable products accordingly. Our in-house conformal coating facility lets us protect our PCB’s and components if the finished products' environment will pose a threat to their reliability.

The services we offer include;

  • Custom design and manufacture of electronic controls and PCB's for new projects
  • Performance enhancement of in-service controls
  • Revision of current electronic controls or systems where design elements or manufacturing require to be revised
  • Re-engineering of PCB's or controllers where obsolescence is a risk in component or Original Equipment Manufacturer support

Typical products we are able to deliver include;

  • CAN interface modules
  • Controller development boards
  • Co-processor modules
  • Fieldbus modules
  • Gate drivers
  • HVAC controls
  • Industrial motor drive controllers
  • Pass-through PCB’s
  • Power supply interconnects
  • Power supply modules
  • Wind turbine and PV instrumentation


Featured Solutions

Just some examples of the wide range of solutions which May & Scofield have delivered

Automatic Warning System for increased rail passenger safety

'Pass-through' PCB’s for assured connection of control signals

Powered iPad table for safe and stylish passenger in-car connectivity

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