12V / 24V Trailer Interface Module


The standard NATO Trailer has a 24 volt electrical system but only 5 tonne GVW and over vehicles are fitted with a 24V electrical system. The majority of the lighter vehicles used by the Military have a 12 volt or a combined 12V / 24V electrical architecture (a system which includes a 24 volt alternator, battery and distribution system).   The challenge was to develop a standard interface module which, when fitted to a vehicle with a combined 12V /24V electrical system, would facilitate the towing of a NATO 24V trailer via a standard towing connector, would meet IP67 requirements and would not compromise the requirement for the whole vehicle to meet UK Defence Standard 59-411 for EMC land Class ‘A’.  

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An aluminium encased, fully sealed and totally waterproof module was developed using NATO 12 pin 24V trailer output and Mil-Spec Bulkhead connectors. The module is ‘dumb’ and voltage level shifts the 12 volt inputs via a totally electronic system (without relays) to meet the stringent EMC requirements. Its design offers reverse battery, short circuit and transient ESD protection and maintains the integrity of the standard vehicle 12V and trailer 24V systems.

NATO Trailer Module 3




A COTS module offering a versatile solution that can be located in a number of positions on the vehicle (inside or outside), has wading capability and is compatible with all NATO 24V trailers. The module has an operating temperature range of -40 to +55 degrees C, is capable of running tail lights, reversing lights, stop lights, indicators and convoy lights and has an integrated current sensing capability with internal ‘self-re-setting’ fuses.

The module has been in production for several years, has been successfully fitted to a raft of light and medium military vehicles and has seen active service throughout the world.

This is an example of how May & Scofield's capabilities to design and manufacture products such as voltage converters could be utilized by other customers in a different application or industry.


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