Interior motion sensing for vehicle contents protection


Leaving items on display in your car is something that we have probably all done. However it can easily result in your window getting smashed and your property being stolen, which are both stressful and expensive.  The car insurance companies are also aware of the cost of replacing stolen goods and vehicles, which is why they took measures to mitigate their financial risks and the Motor Industry Repair Research Centre (Thatcham) Category alarms were introduced.  

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Some years ago, a well-known US Vehicle Manufacturer had started to ship a new model of passenger car into the UK. However as there was no alarm fitted to these vehicles the insurance premium was high which was found as a reason that some buyers were dissuaded from purchasing these cars. The Vehicle Manufacturer contacted May & Scofield to find out if we could develop an intrusion system to meet the Thatcham Category alarm levels, therefore lowering the insurance premiums for the buyers of the new cars.

Using the experience of having supplied a variety of different systems to the automotive market May & Scofield’s engineering team set about developing their first ultrasonic Interior Motion Sensing (IMS) system.




From that initial design May & Scofield has evolved its IMS offering and supply these products to some of the best known car brands on the roads. Our products are carefully designed to integrate the visual appearance of the ultrasonic transmitters and receivers in the passenger compartment, while offering extremely refined security levels, through painstaking hardware and software development. Our in-house developed algorithms and Graphical User Interface (GUI) deliver a high degree of monitoring with ease of set-up.

We have developed our own ‘intrusion plate tester’ and ‘bump-rig’ which allows us to simulate the commissioning phase of the IMS systems on buck vehicles at the fitting bays in our Basingstoke facility ensuring they perform correctly within the relevant Thatcham Category before final approval testing is undertaken.

This is an example of how May & Scofield's capabilities to design and manufacture precise monitoring and security systems, could be utilized by other customers in a different application or industry.


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