Multi-Function Body System Control Unit for Military Light Protected Patrol Vehicle


With the British Army Snatch Land Rover coming to the end of its active service the British MoD required a replacement Light Protected Patrol Vehicle – the Foxhound with new and improved electrical systems that met the demands of todays’ military requirements

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Utilising the multidiscipline skills of May & Scofield’s engineering team the electrical control functions of the Foxhound vehicle were integrated into one rugged body control system designed to meet the relevant military standards and provide a modern reliable system for many years to come.



With the need to provide a rugged and reliable system to control the auxiliary functions of the vehicle, a detailed specification was written in close collaboration with our client ensuring all requirements were understood, captured and included in the body control system design.

We were required to develop and manufacture the first set of working prototypes, quickly followed by full production units that offered the following functionality;

  • Engine cooling (Viscose fan)
  • Fuel system including lift pumps
  • Hi and Lo transfer box and power takeoff
  • Vehicle diagnostics (with boot-loader re-flash)
  • Vehicle and trailer lighting
  • Wipers, Washers, radio, horn and instrument pack
  • CAN based (J1939) system


With the added challenge of meeting the relevant military vehicle standards including;

  • Def. Stan 59-411 Land Class ‘A’ EMC requirements
  • EMC directive 72/245/EEC
  • 24V nominal operating voltage
  • Operating temperature range: - 46°C to + 85°C
  • Powder coated cast aluminium case (IP67 rated)
  • 420mm x 220mm x 80mm package envelope


The body system control unit for the UK MoD Foxhound light protected patrol vehicle went into production at May & Scofield’s design and manufacturing facility in Basingstoke as per the delivery schedule. These were supplied to the vehicle builder for integration into the main electrical system providing modern, rugged, reliable electronic controls to support the military personnel in carrying out their important roles in the field.

This is an example of how May & Scofield's capabilities to design and manufacture complex controllers could be utilized by other customers in a different application or industry.


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