Prototype Build

Modelling for successful volume production

Being able to produce prototype models and pre-production units in-house is an added advantage in getting the final design right and on-time

When a project moves through the development process, it is vital to have visual representations such as 3-D drawings or solid models to check the specification has been correctly interpreted and the final product will indeed turn out as intended.

Whether the project is to deliver PCB’s, sub-systems or full box build, we typically develop fully representative models as early as possible using our 3-D printing capability. We can produce a variety of drawings and models which facilitate focused discussions with our clients on how the products are progressing against the final specification. They also allow modifications to be made, if required before the units go into pre-production and volume build, which saves our customers time and money.

We can also provide fully functioning PCB prototypes and short production runs of full assemblies. These allow system demonstrators and proof of concepts to progress quickly using powered products and give an invaluable understanding of a system or vehicles pre-production behaviour. They also enable design or manufacturing revisions to be made before moving into the volume manufacturing phase of a program.

Featured Solutions

Just some examples of the wide range of solutions which May & Scofield have delivered

Automatic Warning System for increased rail passenger safety

London Taxi Body Control Unit

12V / 24V Trailer Interface Module

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