The heart of our business

It’s the responsibility of our engineers to ensure the products they design are also suitable for manufacture by our production team

Manufacturing of electronic controls is at the heart of our business. We are focused to ensure our products are of the highest quality and meet our customers’ expectations in both performance and delivery.

While this statement may seem obvious, in many companies there is a level of disconnect between those who engineer a product and those who manufacture it. In cases where a design house carries out a work package and a contract manufacturer performs the build, a number of potential issues can be introduced with supply chain management, inefficiencies in product manufacture and accountability for failed products.

May & Scofield’s approach ensures that our products are optimised for manufacture and test with a strong supply chain closely linked to our current and future models. These products are ultimately more reliable in the field and easier to provide through-life support for.

The manufacturing process is tightly controlled through the use of May & Scofield’s bespoke ‘Gatekeeper’ data tracking and storage system. This software monitors all manufacturing areas including surface mount, conventional assembly and all test stations giving full traceability of components, PCB’s and systems.

Key elements of our manufacturing capability include;

  • Bar code based asset tracking system to ensure all products have full traceability throughout their manufacture with all inspection and test results held on a master database
  • Automated solder paste printing
  • High speed PCB lines using fully automated pick and place assembly processes with the ability to populate up to 80,000 components per hour
  • 5-zone and 10-zone forced convection ovens
  • Conventional / through-hole assembly carried out by our highly skilled IPC-A-610 certified production team
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of populated PCB’s and in-station testing of products take place throughout the manufacturing process
  • Environmental stress testing through temperature cycling of populated PCB’s (-40 to +180 degrees C)
  • Controllable, low humidity, dry storage cabinet and vacuum sealing systems for environmental protection of sensitive components and PCB’s
  • Harness manufacture with automated cutting, stripping and termination
  • Full ESD protection of manufacturing and test areas
  • Conformal coating of PCB’s carried out using our selective coating system, with a non-conductive coating providing protection from environmental factors including dust, humidity, mechanical vibration, moisture, salt sprays, wide temperature variations and even organic contaminants such as fungal growth.


All of which have been carefully developed or chosen to help ensure we manufacture to the highest standards, while remaining competitive, flexible and a supplier that can be trusted to deliver.

Featured Solutions

Just some examples of the wide range of solutions which May & Scofield have delivered

Automatic Warning System for increased rail passenger safety

Interior motion sensing for vehicle contents protection

Powered iPad table for safe and stylish passenger in-car connectivity

Multi-Function Body System Control Unit for Military Light Protected Patrol Vehicle

12V / 24V Trailer Interface Module

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